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Discover our mobile app, VS Commercial

Please note: Although this video presentation of VS Commercial is in French, the mobile app is available in English

VS Commercial accompanies your sales teams anywhere and syncs with the ERP to generate an analysis of the revenue distribution. You will be able to arrange these revenues by groups, customers, sales reps, families, sub-families, etc.

For each level of analysis, you will have access to Y-2, Y-1 and current year revenues, total revenues and YTD revenues. Visual indicators (KPI) will be at your disposal to instantly identify increases, stagnations and decreases in revenues. A histogram is also available to view this evolution.

A customer record gives you access to the phone contact and geolocation information for the customer.

All data is refreshed through synchronisation with a web service of the Volume Software ERP. Then, it remains available at all times.

With its multi-profile management support, VS Mobile lets you connect to multiple production facilities or various companies within your group. Each profile benefits from secured authentication and restricted access to data. This makes it possible to limit a sales representative access to the figures relating to the associated customer portfolio.