Training: a key factor of success for your ERP project.

In the various phases of the ERP project, training is crucial in the users’ learning process. Our goals are:

  • to provide the users with skill transfer to let them be autonomous with the ERP.
  • to assist you implementing possible new working methods.
  • to let authorized users master the configuration of the ERP.
  • to give you an on-site assistance upon starting exploitation of the software.
  • to provide you with long term support including training and audit report on the use.

Our added value.

  • Expert consultants in the fields of packaging and graphic arts.
  • Business-oriented trainers.
  • Custom trainings with your data, your customers, your orders.
  • On-site trainings, within your working environment, or in our premises (2 dedicated rooms).
  • Trainings which can be performed remotely through Internet.
  • A continuous involvement of our teams to ensure the satisfation of our customers and the quality of our trainings.

In numbers.

+30 Years of experience

11 Trainers

+100 Trainees per year

90% Satisfaction

100% Implementation rate

Volume Software is an approved training organization.

General training plan (in French)