VoluLabel ERP

The ERP dedicated to the label industry.

Volume Software has been collaborating with the industrials of the graphics industry for more than 30 years. This long-term partnership has enabled us to develop an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the printing works, particularly the label industry. Our response to the the label industry: VoluLabel information system.

VoluLabel is our ERP dedicated to the label industries. It is aimed at non-adhesive and adhesive label printers. Its configuration engine allows it to manage many printing processes.

VoluLabel ERP is multi-companies, multi-sites and multilingual.


The ERP modules.


The estimate is a key module of the information system. You can rapidly make a highly configurable estimate, taking account of all the particularities of your process. The VoluLabel estimate takes account of packaging problems, helps you choose the imposition and define the machine process. It manages the specificities of your labels: gilding, crimping, serialization, coding, neutral labels, etc. It also features the cost of transport and other configurable, secondary costs (sub-contracting, storage, amortization, financial costs, etc.).

Orders and manufacturing file.

Highly configurable, the VoluLabel ERP lets you customize the processes that really match the way you work. A good example is the order management. Many order types are available: on demand manufacture, manufacture for internal stock, order from stock, etc. You can also enable many working options according to your needs: contract review, automatic generation of forecast stock, delivery schedules, surplus management, etc.

Your orders can also be generated via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with your customers. VoluLabel natively manages many EDI standards.

For each production order, a manufacturing file is created. It allows a full tracking of the production, from the order to the cost price. The printed or PDF edition of the manufacturing file is customized to your own wishes. The same applies to all the documents produced by the ERP: they are designed according to your layout specifications.

Purchase management.

Any material or service delivery purchase can be fully managed by VoluLabel . Of course, paper, sheet and reel purchases are managed with a particular attention.

Bottles and labels

Scheduling, production and cost price.

Scheduling is performed via Direct Planning, our scheduling module.

Production management includes a large set of modules: production time tracking via manual or barcode entry, consumption or production reports with barcode readers (for example, at the strapping unit level), reel consumption tracking, subcontracting tracking, etc.

Gathering production information results in real-time schedule updating. It also aims at fixing a cost price and valuate the work in progress pointing out the differences between the “forecasted” of the manufacturing file and the “performed” observed in production.

Stock management.

The VoluLabel ERP allows the stock management of raw materials and finished products, actual or forecast, according to your requirements. It features several stock valuation methods. Many modules (classical screens or barcode readers) allow you to manage transfer orders or inventories, amongst others.

Logistics & Deliveries.

Our logistics module allows you to optimize your chartering. Advanced features such as pallet picking, in manual mode or with a barcode device, allow you to achieve your deliveries by keeping a real-time proper stock.

Printing industry


Invoicing is naturally automated, without any data re-entry. Your invoice templates are fully customizable and can be automatically sent to your customers, in a PDF file or according to an EDI protocol (Electronic Data Interchange). Invoicing entries are also automatically transferred to the accounting of your choice.

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