Solid board converter

The aim of a solid board converter is to sell boxes to his customers. He purchases his solid board in sheets or in rolls from the paper mill. He then converts them to high-value-added boxes.

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The different kinds of boxes.

For example, the solid board converters work for the industries of food-processing, pharmaceutical laboratories, capital goods, wines and spirits, marketing services. This leads to a very wide product range, where the appearance of the final product is very important.

The box may comply with the ECMA standards, or it may be a customer’s specific box that has undergone an extensive CAD design.

Among the main box categories, following are a few examples:

  • Straight flap boxes
  • Reverse tuck-end boxes
  • Auto-bottom boxes with tuck-end
  • Trays with lock
  • Display boxes with tuck-in flaps
  • Pillow packs with end flap completely covered
  • … and many others!

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Manufacture of packaging.

The solid board sheets successively get through a number of converting machines, in order to produce the packaging expected by the customer:

  • Printing: offset printing machine with coating units.
  • Die-cutting: flat-bed die-cutting machine with blanking tool, and braille tool optionally integrated to the die-cutting plate.
  • The folder-gluer: to fold and glue the boxes. Optional rotary braille tool.
  • The strapping unit.

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Storage and logistics.

A good stock management by batch and location is an essential management component for the business of a converter. The logistics, allowing for better delivery rounds, is also a key factor.

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    Credits photos : Winners Pro Carton / ECMA Award 2014