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In the VoluPack ERP, the „Converter” estimate gets a facelift

The estimate is a core element within the commercial management of our ERP solution aimed at Packaging, Cardboard, Printing and Label industries. It covers the creation of products and orders, as well as the management of production routes and tariffs thanks to the accurate valuation of your operations and materials.

Our estimate solutions are designed to cater for the specific and custom needs of your activity, while offering maximum adaptability to grow with your company.

Our family of estimates for our VoluPack, VoluPrim and VoluLabel ERPs also includes a standard solution as well as estimates tailored for each business (Corrugators, Corrugated board converters, Flat board converters, Printers, Label makers). It is now getting bigger with the availability of our new estimate dedicated to „Corrugated board converters” in the VoluPack ERP.

Le nouveau devis tranformateur de l'ERP Volupack

This estimate centralises all information on a single screen. Therefore, it offers better clarity thanks to a holistic view of its components and it speeds the entry of data by eliminating the need to go back and forth between the various screens:

  • Information in the estimate header
  • Entity information
  • Palletizing information
  • FEFCO representation
  • Complementary information
  • Menu
  • General information

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