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A large array of EDI in the VoluPack ERP solution

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables you to computerize your sales transactions, in a structured manner and in accordance with recognized standards.
Therefore, within an ERP system, EDI offers many benefits, both in terms of reliability of exchanges as well as decreasing processing and delivery times.

Our ERP solutions designed for the Packaging, Cardboard, Printing et Label industries support many EDI interface formats in order to offer you the highest levels of agility when exchanging data relating to orders, to deliveries or invoices, either with your most important Customers, or with your largest Suppliers.

The following diagram lists the supported formats with our ERPs VoluPack, VoluPrim and VoluLabel, and their context of use.

L'EDI dans l'ERP VoluPack

The format you are using is not in this diagram?

Please feel free to contact us to envision together the best way to integrate this format.