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ReflexClient 4: Full of new features

Volume Software is pleased to introduce you to ReflexClient version 4.
This version put the emphasis on transformations with a graphic redesign of the user interface and the implementation of new features showcased below:

The Agenda

Fully integrated in ReflexClient, the agenda gives you access to all events added to your CRM solution.
It syncs with your Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar agendas.
A simple click brings up detailed information about an event (for example the time and location of an appointment), and indicators inform you about the tasks that are due to expire.
The administrator can allow users to access their own agenda as well as their co-worker’s.
The Agenda view includes a panel listing the unscheduled tasks that users can add to/delete from their calendar with a simple drag and drop.

The Appointments

ReflexClient offers a complete management of appointments within your company.
An appointment entered in ReflexClient will automatically sync with your desktop agenda and vice versa.
In addition to basic information such as the time and location of appointments, you can add attachments and link them to sales opportunities.
You can also send email invitations to attendees. Their answers will be presented as icons.

The Tasks

ReflexClient ensures the traceability of actions for sales representatives and employees.
You can monitor the following tasks: phone calls, postal mails, fax, emails, appointments, events, misc. tasks.
Each task is assigned with a priority level, a deadline and a state (to do, in progress, completed, aborted).
Notes offer you the ability to enter observations, visit reports, …

The Absences

ReflexClient offers users the opportunity to declare their absences.
Absences can be managed with public and/or private designations, the latter being only visible to the user who declared the absence.
This function allows each user to control the information shared with other users.

The Announcements

Announcements offer a convenient way to communicate messages to all users, for example to inform about a customer visit or an upcoming event of technical maintenance.
Like all events, announcements are can be displayed as lists as well as events in agendas.

The Custom lists

ReflexClient offer the ability to make fully configurable lists from companies, opportunities, actions, appointments, tasks, absences, announcements, notes.

Example of task list configuration

List results can be exported to Microsoft Excel©.
For example, you can extract the data from a department or a business line to send a mailing to your customers thanks to the mailing function integrated with Microsoft Word©.
You can create as many mailing lists as you want, and then leverage them for specific events (invitations, price modifications, …).

The Cubes

ReflexClient gives you a one-click access to all your cubes and associated list templates.
Centrally hosted lists allow the administrator to create enterprise reference templates shared by all employees. True frames of reference, these templates will allow all users to speak the same language.
As for users, they will be able to create their own personal lists and share them with the co-workers of their choice.

List template sharing (available in Cubes et CRM lists).

Discover all of ReflexClient’s features in our brochure.

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